NBA 2K23 Shades Of Cards Ratings

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  • Plays: 3 PT, Isolation, P&R Ball Handler, Mid Range
  • Badges(32): 5 13 8 6
  • AcrobatBullyFearless FinisherAgent 3BlindersCatch And ShootCorner SpecialistGreen MachineSlippery Off BallAnkle BreakerBail OutHandles For DaysKiller CombosFast TwitchPost Spin TechnicianSlitherySpace CreatorHyperdriveChallengerOff Ball PestPogo StickAmpedDeadeyeGuard UpMiddy MagicianVolume ShooterClamp BreakerQuick First StepAnkle BracesClampsMenacePick Dodger
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  • Plays: P&R Ball Handler, Mid Range, 3 PT, Isolation
  • Badges(38): 3 22 11 2
  • AcrobatAerial WizardBullyLimitless TakeoffMasherPosterizerPro TouchBlindersCatch And ShootClutch ShooterComeback KidGreen MachineMiddy MagicianSlippery Off BallVolume ShooterClamp BreakerAnkle BracesChase Down ArtistClampsPick DodgerPogo StickWork HorseFast TwitchFearless FinisherSlitheryAmpedSpace CreatorBail OutBreak StarterNeedle ThreaderQuick First StepSpecial DeliveryInterceptorHandles For DaysGloveChallengerMenaceOff Ball Pest
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  • Plays: Cutter, Post Up Low, P&R Roll Man, 3 PT
  • Badges(20): 1 8 9 2
  • Aerial WizardDream ShakeClaymoreGuard UpVolume ShooterNeedle ThreaderPost PlaymakerUnpluckableChase Down ArtistDropstepperPost Spin TechnicianRise UpCorner SpecialistGreen MachineBreak StarterVice GripBoxout BeastCatch And ShootBail OutBrick Wall
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  • Plays: P&R Ball Handler, Post Up High
  • Badges(16): 0 3 9 4
  • Aerial WizardNeedle ThreaderInterceptorPost LockdownDream ShakeRise UpCorner SpecialistGuard UpPost PlaymakerAnchorWork HorseBoxout BeastRebound ChaserPost Spin TechnicianCatch And ShootChase Down Artist
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  • Plays: P&R Ball Handler, 3 PT, Mid Range, Hand Off
  • Badges(17): 0 1 9 7
  • AcrobatCatch And ShootGreen MachineSlippery Off BallVolume ShooterAnkle BracesOff Ball PestPick DodgerWork HorseFearless FinisherSlitheryClamp BreakerHandles For DaysKiller CombosQuick First StepClampsMiddy Magician
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  • Plays: P&R Ball Handler, Isolation, Hand Off
  • Badges(18): 0 3 15 0
  • AcrobatFearless FinisherPro TouchGreen MachineGuard UpSlippery Off BallAnkle BreakerBail OutBreak StarterClamp BreakerHandles For DaysHyperdriveKiller CombosNeedle ThreaderQuick First StepSlitheryMiddy MagicianVolume Shooter
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  • Plays: P&R Ball Handler, 3 PT, Isolation, Guard Post Up
  • Badges(47): 5 15 22 5
  • AcrobatDropstepperSlitheryClaymoreGreen MachineLimitless RangeAnkle BreakerClamp BreakerHandles For DaysHyperdriveKiller CombosMismatch ExpertNeedle ThreaderQuick First StepUnpluckableVice GripAnkle BracesChase Down ArtistGlovePick DodgerPost LockdownPogo StickBullyFast TwitchFearless FinisherSpace CreatorSpecial DeliveryDream ShakePost Spin TechnicianAgent 3BlindersClutch ShooterCorner SpecialistGuard UpMiddy MagicianVolume ShooterBail OutChallengerInterceptorMenaceOff Ball PestWork HorseAmpedCatch And ShootDeadeyeSlippery Off BallClamps
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  • Plays: P&R Wing, 3 PT, Hand Off, Isolation
  • Badges(37): 3 24 7 3
  • AcrobatAerial WizardFast TwitchFearless FinisherGiant SlayerPosterizerSlitheryAgent 3AmpedBlindersCatch And ShootCorner SpecialistDeadeyeGreen MachineMiddy MagicianSlippery Off BallSpace CreatorVolume ShooterAnkle BreakerHandles For DaysKiller CombosChase Down ArtistPick DodgerPogo StickLimitless TakeoffHyperdriveQuick First StepPro TouchClaymoreComeback KidGuard UpClamp BreakerMismatch ExpertSpecial DeliveryNeedle ThreaderAnkle BracesOff Ball Pest
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  • Plays: Guard Post Up, P&R Point, Hand Off
  • Badges(29): 1 12 8 8
  • Backdown PunisherBullyDropstepperMasherBreak StarterAnkle BracesMenacePost LockdownDream ShakePost Spin TechnicianSlippery Off BallAnkle BreakerBail OutDimerKiller CombosNeedle ThreaderSpecial DeliveryUnpluckableVice GripChase Down ArtistPro TouchSlitheryFloor GeneralPost PlaymakerInterceptorOff Ball PestPick DodgerPogo StickMiddy Magician
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  • Plays: Post Up High, P&R Roll Man, Cutter
  • Badges(12): 0 2 9 1
  • Limitless TakeoffPosterizerSlitheryClaymoreClutch ShooterCorner SpecialistGreen MachineSlippery Off BallVolume ShooterCatch And ShootGuard UpSpace Creator
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  • Plays: P&R Ball Handler, Isolation, Mid Range
  • Badges(23): 0 2 13 8
  • AcrobatFast TwitchFearless FinisherPosterizerPro TouchSlitheryGuard UpMiddy MagicianSlippery Off BallBail OutSpecial DeliveryChase Down ArtistPogo StickLimitless TakeoffAmpedCatch And ShootGreen MachineBreak StarterHandles For DaysKiller CombosNeedle ThreaderSpace CreatorVolume Shooter
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  • Plays: P&R Wing, Isolation, 3 PT
  • Badges(20): 0 4 14 2
  • AcrobatMenacePro TouchSlitheryBail OutDimerNeedle ThreaderPost PlaymakerUnpluckableAnkle BracesChallengerClampsOff Ball PestPick DodgerPogo StickWork HorseBreak StarterFloor GeneralSpecial DeliveryChase Down Artist
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  • Plays: P&R Roll Man, Post Up High, Post Up Low
  • Badges(27): 4 13 9 1
  • Aerial WizardBackdown PunisherBullyMasherGuard UpNeedle ThreaderAnchorInterceptorRebound ChaserDream ShakePost Spin TechnicianClaymoreCorner SpecialistDropstepperRise UpCatch And ShootGreen MachineMiddy MagicianSlippery Off BallVolume ShooterPost PlaymakerVice GripPost LockdownPogo StickBoxout BeastBrick WallBreak Starter
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  • Plays: P&R Wing, 3 PT, Mid Range
  • Badges(30): 3 9 17 1
  • AcrobatFearless FinisherSlitheryCatch And ShootCorner SpecialistGreen MachineVolume ShooterPick DodgerPogo StickBullyGiant SlayerPro TouchAmpedBlindersClutch ShooterGuard UpMiddy MagicianSlippery Off BallSpace CreatorAnkle BreakerClamp BreakerHandles For DaysHyperdriveKiller CombosQuick First StepMenaceFast TwitchLimitless TakeoffPosterizerChallenger
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  • Plays: P&R Wing, 3 PT, Hand Off, Cutter
  • Badges(25): 1 12 10 2
  • Catch And ShootCorner SpecialistBail OutDimerNeedle ThreaderPost PlaymakerSpecial DeliveryChallengerChase Down ArtistGlovePick DodgerPost LockdownGreen MachineSlippery Off BallAnkle BreakerFloor GeneralHandles For DaysUnpluckableInterceptorMenacePogo StickWork HorseClamp BreakerQuick First StepOff Ball Pest
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  • Plays: Post Up Low, P&R Roll Man, Isolation Wing, Cutter
  • Badges(19): 0 1 12 6
  • Aerial WizardBlindersPost PlaymakerInterceptorRebound ChaserBrick WallDream ShakePost Spin TechnicianRise UpCatch And ShootCorner SpecialistGreen MachineGuard UpVolume ShooterBail OutChase Down ArtistPogo StickBoxout BeastClaymore
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  • Plays: Mid Range, 3 PT
  • Badges(15): 0 3 9 3
  • Fast TwitchSlippery Off BallPogo StickFearless FinisherPosterizerSlitheryCatch And ShootCorner SpecialistGuard UpNeedle ThreaderSpecial DeliveryChase Down ArtistPro TouchMiddy MagicianOff Ball Pest
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  • Plays: P&R Ball Handler, Hand Off
  • Badges(21): 0 4 12 5
  • Pro TouchBail OutBreak StarterClamp BreakerPost PlaymakerSpecial DeliveryVice GripAnkle BracesChase Down ArtistClampsInterceptorPogo StickAnkle BreakerKiller CombosQuick First StepMenacePost LockdownFloor GeneralNeedle ThreaderUnpluckableOff Ball Pest
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  • Plays: P&R Ball Handler, Cutter
  • Badges(38): 5 21 10 2
  • AcrobatAerial WizardGiant SlayerPro TouchSlitheryCatch And ShootGreen MachineVolume ShooterAnkle BreakerClamp BreakerDimerFloor GeneralHandles For DaysHyperdriveKiller CombosMismatch ExpertSpecial DeliveryUnpluckableChallengerPick DodgerPogo StickFast TwitchFearless FinisherLimitless TakeoffPosterizerQuick First StepClutch ShooterComeback KidDeadeyeGuard UpSpace CreatorBail OutBreak StarterNeedle ThreaderAnchorChase Down ArtistMiddy MagicianSlippery Off Ball
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  • Plays: P&R Roll Man, Post Up Low
  • Badges(20): 3 16 1 0
  • Aerial WizardBackdown PunisherDropstepperFast TwitchFearless FinisherLimitless TakeoffMasherPosterizerRise UpVice GripChase Down ArtistInterceptorWork HorseBoxout BeastRebound ChaserBrick WallBullyAnchorPost LockdownPogo Stick
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