NBA 2K23 Flight School Cards Ratings

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  • Plays: P&R Wing, Isolation, 3 PT, Hand Off
  • Badges(49): 15 34 0 0
  • AcrobatBullyFearless FinisherGiant SlayerPro TouchRise UpSlitheryAmpedBlindersClaymoreClutch ShooterCorner SpecialistGreen MachineSlippery Off BallSpace CreatorAnkle BreakerBail OutBreak StarterHyperdriveMismatch ExpertNeedle ThreaderPost PlaymakerSpecial DeliveryAnchorChase Down ArtistClampsGloveInterceptorMenaceOff Ball PestPick DodgerPost LockdownPogo StickWork HorseFast TwitchLimitless TakeoffPosterizerAgent 3Catch And ShootDeadeyeGuard UpLimitless RangeMiddy MagicianVolume ShooterClamp BreakerHandles For DaysKiller CombosQuick First StepChallenger
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  • Plays: P&R Wing, 3 PT, Hand Off
  • Badges(46): 15 28 3 0
  • AcrobatAerial WizardBullyFast TwitchFearless FinisherSlitheryComeback KidGreen MachineMiddy MagicianSpace CreatorVolume ShooterAnkle BreakerBail OutHandles For DaysHyperdriveKiller CombosMismatch ExpertNeedle ThreaderAnkle BracesChallengerChase Down ArtistClampsGloveMenaceOff Ball PestPick DodgerPogo StickWork HorseLimitless TakeoffPosterizerAgent 3AmpedBlindersCatch And ShootClaymoreClutch ShooterCorner SpecialistDeadeyeGuard UpLimitless RangeSlippery Off BallClamp BreakerQuick First StepSpecial DeliveryUnpluckableInterceptor
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  • Plays: Post Up Low, Cutter, P&R Roll Man
  • Badges(50): 15 33 1 1
  • AcrobatBullyFast TwitchFearless FinisherGiant SlayerLimitless TakeoffMasherPosterizerCorner SpecialistClamp BreakerQuick First StepAnchorPogo StickRebound ChaserBrick WallAerial WizardBackdown PunisherDream ShakeDropstepperPost Spin TechnicianRise UpSlitheryCatch And ShootClaymoreGreen MachineGuard UpSlippery Off BallAnkle BreakerBail OutBreak StarterHandles For DaysHyperdriveKiller CombosNeedle ThreaderPost PlaymakerUnpluckableVice GripAnkle BracesChallengerChase Down ArtistClampsInterceptorMenaceOff Ball PestPick DodgerPost LockdownWork HorseBoxout BeastPro TouchLimitless Range
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  • Plays: P&R Wing, Hand Off, Mid Range, Cutter
  • Badges(40): 10 30 0 0
  • AcrobatSlitheryCatch And ShootClaymoreClutch ShooterComeback KidCorner SpecialistGreen MachineSlippery Off BallAnkle BreakerBail OutClamp BreakerDimerHandles For DaysHyperdriveKiller CombosMismatch ExpertNeedle ThreaderQuick First StepUnpluckableVice GripAnchorAnkle BracesChase Down ArtistInterceptorOff Ball PestPick DodgerPogo StickWork HorseBrick WallBullyFast TwitchFearless FinisherLimitless TakeoffPosterizerChallengerClampsGloveMenacePost Lockdown
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  • Plays: P&R Wing, 3 PT, Mid Range
  • Badges(38): 10 27 1 0
  • AcrobatBullyGiant SlayerSlitheryAmpedBlindersClaymoreClutch ShooterGreen MachineLimitless RangeMiddy MagicianSpace CreatorAnkle BreakerBail OutBreak StarterClamp BreakerHandles For DaysHyperdriveKiller CombosQuick First StepAnkle BracesChallengerClampsMenaceOff Ball PestPick DodgerPogo StickAerial WizardFast TwitchFearless FinisherLimitless TakeoffPosterizerCatch And ShootCorner SpecialistGuard UpSlippery Off BallVolume ShooterPro Touch
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  • Plays: Post Up Low, P&R Roll Man
  • Badges(27): 6 20 1 0
  • AcrobatAerial WizardDream ShakeDropstepperFast TwitchFearless FinisherPost Spin TechnicianPro TouchSlitheryClamp BreakerQuick First StepVice GripAnchorChase Down ArtistInterceptorPost LockdownPogo StickWork HorseBoxout BeastRebound ChaserBackdown PunisherBullyMasherPosterizerRise UpBrick WallClamps
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  • Plays: P&R Roll Man, Post Up High
  • Badges(31): 5 26 0 0
  • AcrobatAerial WizardBackdown PunisherBullyDream ShakeDropstepperFast TwitchFearless FinisherMasherPost Spin TechnicianRise UpBlindersCatch And ShootClaymoreCorner SpecialistDeadeyeGuard UpVice GripChase Down ArtistClampsInterceptorOff Ball PestWork HorseBoxout BeastRebound ChaserBrick WallLimitless TakeoffPosterizerAnchorPost LockdownPogo Stick
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  • Plays: Cutter, P&R Wing, Isolation, P&R Roll Man
  • Badges(20): 2 18 0 0
  • AcrobatAerial WizardBullyFast TwitchFearless FinisherGiant SlayerSlitheryAnkle BreakerBail OutBreak StarterClamp BreakerQuick First StepAnkle BracesChase Down ArtistClampsGloveOff Ball PestPogo StickLimitless TakeoffPosterizer
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  • Plays: Cutter, P&R Ball Handler, Hand Off
  • Badges(34): 2 32 0 0
  • AcrobatBullyFast TwitchFearless FinisherGiant SlayerPro TouchSlitheryCatch And ShootClaymoreCorner SpecialistGreen MachineSlippery Off BallVolume ShooterAnkle BreakerBail OutBreak StarterClamp BreakerNeedle ThreaderQuick First StepSpecial DeliveryUnpluckableAnkle BracesChallengerChase Down ArtistClampsMenaceOff Ball PestPick DodgerPost LockdownPogo StickWork HorseRebound ChaserLimitless TakeoffPosterizer
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  • Plays: Cutter, P&R Roll Man, P&R Wing
  • Badges(31): 2 28 1 0
  • AcrobatAerial WizardBullyFast TwitchFearless FinisherPro TouchSlitheryCatch And ShootCorner SpecialistGreen MachineGuard UpSlippery Off BallVolume ShooterAnkle BreakerBail OutBreak StarterClamp BreakerHandles For DaysKiller CombosQuick First StepSpecial DeliveryChase Down ArtistClampsMenaceOff Ball PestPogo StickWork HorseRebound ChaserLimitless TakeoffPosterizerChallenger
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