NBA 2K23 S4 Takeover Rewards III Cards Ratings

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  • Plays: Post Up High, P&R Roll Man, Cutter
  • Badges(38): 10 28 0 0
  • AcrobatGiant SlayerMasherPost Spin TechnicianRise UpSlitheryClaymoreGreen MachineGuard UpLimitless RangeSlippery Off BallVolume ShooterBail OutBreak StarterNeedle ThreaderPost PlaymakerChallengerChase Down ArtistClampsGloveInterceptorMenaceOff Ball PestPogo StickWork HorseBoxout BeastRebound ChaserBrick WallAerial WizardBullyFast TwitchFearless FinisherLimitless TakeoffPosterizerCatch And ShootCorner SpecialistClamp BreakerQuick First Step
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  • Plays: 3 PT, Mid Range
  • Badges(32): 6 26 0 0
  • AcrobatFast TwitchFearless FinisherGiant SlayerPro TouchSlitheryAgent 3BlindersClutch ShooterCorner SpecialistDeadeyeGreen MachineLimitless RangeMiddy MagicianBail OutBreak StarterClamp BreakerQuick First StepSpecial DeliveryUnpluckableChallengerClampsGloveInterceptorMenaceOff Ball PestAmpedCatch And ShootClaymoreGuard UpSlippery Off BallVolume Shooter
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  • Plays: Isolation, Mid Range, Cutter
  • Badges(23): 6 7 7 3
  • AcrobatFast TwitchFearless FinisherLimitless TakeoffDeadeyeClampsPosterizerPro TouchBail OutQuick First StepMenaceOff Ball PestPick DodgerClutch ShooterSlippery Off BallSpace CreatorSpecial DeliveryChase Down ArtistInterceptorWork HorseAnkle BreakerChallengerGlove
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  • Plays: P&R Wing, 3 PT, Hand Off
  • Badges(39): 10 27 1 1
  • AcrobatFast TwitchFearless FinisherSlitheryAgent 3ClaymoreClutch ShooterComeback KidGreen MachineMiddy MagicianSpace CreatorAnkle BreakerBail OutBreak StarterClamp BreakerHandles For DaysKiller CombosMismatch ExpertNeedle ThreaderQuick First StepAnkle BracesChallengerClampsGloveInterceptorMenacePick DodgerWork HorsePro TouchAmpedBlindersCatch And ShootCorner SpecialistDeadeyeGuard UpLimitless RangeSlippery Off BallVolume ShooterOff Ball Pest
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  • Plays: P&R Roll Man, Post Up Low, Post Up High
  • Badges(35): 10 25 0 0
  • AcrobatAerial WizardBackdown PunisherDream ShakeDropstepperFearless FinisherLimitless TakeoffPosterizerRise UpSlitheryBlindersCatch And ShootClaymoreCorner SpecialistGreen MachineMiddy MagicianBail OutClamp BreakerQuick First StepChallengerChase Down ArtistGloveInterceptorPogo StickWork HorseBullyFast TwitchMasherPost Spin TechnicianAnchorClampsPost LockdownBoxout BeastRebound ChaserBrick Wall
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  • Plays: P&R Ball Handler, Hand Off
  • Badges(38): 10 28 0 0
  • AcrobatFast TwitchFearless FinisherAgent 3Catch And ShootGuard UpLimitless RangeClamp BreakerDimerQuick First StepBullyGiant SlayerPosterizerPro TouchAmpedBlindersClaymoreClutch ShooterDeadeyeGreen MachineSlippery Off BallSpace CreatorVolume ShooterAnkle BreakerBail OutKiller CombosMismatch ExpertNeedle ThreaderSpecial DeliveryChallengerChase Down ArtistClampsGloveInterceptorOff Ball PestPick DodgerPogo StickWork Horse
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  • Plays: 3 PT, Hand Off, Cutter, P&R Ball Handler
  • Badges(36): 10 24 2 0
  • AcrobatBullyFast TwitchFearless FinisherLimitless TakeoffPosterizerSlitheryClutch ShooterComeback KidDeadeyeGreen MachineMiddy MagicianSpace CreatorVolume ShooterAnkle BreakerBail OutBreak StarterClamp BreakerMismatch ExpertQuick First StepChallengerClampsGlovePick DodgerPro TouchHyperdriveAgent 3AmpedBlindersCatch And ShootClaymoreCorner SpecialistGuard UpLimitless RangeSlippery Off BallOff Ball Pest
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  • Plays: Post Up Low, Cutter, Isolation, P&R Roll Man
  • Badges(25): 10 13 2 0
  • Aerial WizardDropstepperFast TwitchFearless FinisherPosterizerClamp BreakerQuick First StepVice GripChase Down ArtistClampsInterceptorMenacePogo StickBackdown PunisherBullyLimitless TakeoffMasherPost Spin TechnicianRise UpAnchorBoxout BeastRebound ChaserBrick WallPro TouchPost Lockdown
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